The future must be circular and built on exponential technologies for true longevity.

The investment entity of the Dieckell, Dobrauz-Saldapenna and von Döring families.

Unveiling Our
Investment Horizon

Longevity, Circular Economy & Exponential Technologies

At exelixis capital AG, we champion an investment strategy that intertwines longevity, circular economy, and exponential technologies to sculpt a future where innovation thrives and sustainability is paramount. Through strategic investments in cutting-edge healthcare, renewable resources, and groundbreaking technologies like AI and blockchain, we aim to enhance life quality, redefine economic paradigms, and drive global progress. Discover how we’re pioneering change and join us in our journey towards a truly sustainable future.


Exploring the Frontiers of Longevity, Circular Economy, and Exponential Technologies: Our Pillars of Innovation.


Investing in longevity means pioneering the future of health by extending a healthy, productive life, delaying age-related diseases through advanced medical treatments, and harnessing emerging technologies to revolutionize wellness and well-being.

Circular Economy

Our focus on the circular economy drives sustainable and efficient resource use, transforming traditional ‘take-make-dispose’ models into regenerative systems that reduce environmental impact and unlock economic value through innovation and circular principles.

Exponential Technologies

Embracing exponential technologies positions us at the forefront of digital and scientific innovation, where AI, blockchain, and biotech catalyze industry transformations and societal progress, offering unprecedented investment opportunities in the technologies shaping tomorrow.

Pioneering a Truly 
Sustainable Future

Founded by a visionary trio, exelixis capital AG stands at the nexus of innovation and responsible investment, championing ventures that promise a circular future, enhanced longevity, and groundbreaking technological advancements. Our mission is to empower exceptional teams dedicated to driving change, by leveraging the collective expertise and resources of our unique and close-knit group of investors.